About AutoNerve

AutoNerve Communications Inc. was federally registered in Canada in October 2001 and launched North America’s first and only automobile website in the Chinese language, AutoNerve.com, on 02-02-2002.

In view of the demand of advertisers and requests from our readers, the first issue of AutoNerve Magazine was officially published in 2003. Since then, AutoNerve has been invited by automobile manufacturers to attend international auto shows and global media drive events around the world, usually as the exclusive Chinese media from Canada, so its readers can get first hand and exclusive test drive reports, features, news and previews in AutoNerve Magazine.

Regina Chan, founder of AutoNerve Communications Inc., was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Inspiration BC in 2004. Ms. Chan is the first and only female member of Chinese origin in Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC). In addition, she is also the first Asian member voted to be part of the Board of Directors for AJAC and served a 5-year term.

In 2015, AutoNerve Communications Inc. had changed its corporate name to AutoNerve Media Inc., as the company has broadened its scope of business to event marketing and management, including automotive and lifestyle events, like Track Days and Live Concerts etc.


車樞傳播有限公司 (AutoNerve Communications Inc.) 於2001年10月向聯邦政府註冊,正式成為加拿大商業機構。翌年2002年2月2日,推出了北美洲首個中文網上汽車雜 AutoNerve.com。

2003年,順應廣告客戶和滿足讀者的要求,正式推出了車樞雜誌AutoNerve Magazine。自此,車樞就代表著加拿大華人社區,成為獨家中文媒體不斷獲得國際汽車汽車品牌的邀請前往世界各地出席國際車展以及全球汽車媒體首試活動,為讀者帶來獨家第一手試車報告和車壇訊息。

2004年,創辦人陳慧心Regina Chan更憑雜誌獲頒「卑詩省創意企業家獎」 (Inspiration BC – Entrepreneur of the Year)。 陳慧心亦是加拿大車評人協會 AJAC (Automobile Journalists Association of Canada) 的第一位也是唯一一位的華裔女性車評人,並且是首位華裔獲選及擔任協會的董事局成員,自2010年至2015年為期長達五年。

2015年,車樞傳播有限公司 (AutoNerve Communications Inc.) 正式易名為車樞媒體有限公司 (AutoNerve Media Inc.) 。與此同時,公司也開始涉足其他方面的業務,例如主辦賽道日以及統籌演唱會等駕駛體驗和時尚生活相關的項目與活動。